Welcome to Brownbread Highland Pony Centre


  Dinty & Tony started the stud in the late 60's near   Heathfield, E Sussex with the mares, "Kelpie of Skye" & "Duncrievie", dam of the stallion, "Seamus Mor of New Calgary".

 Two stallions joined us from the New Calgary Stud, "Rhum Bloodstone"and his son, "Trodival of New Calgary". In 1972 we moved to our present farm where the herd of chocolate ponies rapidly expanded and the Brownbread prefix appeared in all the major shows.


 The stallion, "Claymore Tommy" joined the stud bringing outcross blood with the popular chocolate colour and flaxen mane & tail. The stud is also well known for producing partbreds of quality & substance that can be seen participating in all disciplines.


The chocolate pony, "Tabitha" attempts to climb up the steps of the Haha

  Here are three black Brownbread boys cooling off in a water jump;

Brownbread Raven,
Brownbread Bowman
Brownbread Percivale
    Raven is now doing film & TV work and fully enjoying his life in the cavalry.

                                                        Tabitha, Rhum Mary V and Lilac                                        
Mid summer; the hay has been cut and taken in.  The herd is moved in to the harvested field to enjoy the fresh young shoots popping up  They are always in full view here from our house.
Most of the fields on the farm are hedged and many, like this one also have mature woods surrounding them.  Also most fields, like this one, have a small copse and springs where the herd can get shade from the sun and fresh running water.

                                   Highland heaven!
Two of the famous Chocolate mares mingle with the other brood mares over the hedge.  After 41 years on this farm we have made it virtually ragwort-free and, as insecticides and artificial fertilizers are not used, we are proud to have one of the highest numbers of flora and fauna species for any Wealden meadow farm.  Our Highlands have a rich and varied diet contributing in no small way to the excellent health and growth of the herd and especially the youngstock.